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Over the last 35 years Ormrod Diesels has become renowned world-wide as one of the largest independent remanufacturers and distributors of heavy diesel engines and generating plants of such known engine manufacturers as Mirrlees, Pielstick and Wartsila.

As remanufacturers we purchase diesel generating plants from around the world which are returned to our Skelmersdale works in the UK for complete overhaul by our team of highly skilled engineers.

Here the sets are totally dismantled, cleaned, inspected and updated to current specifications for base load power.

click to enlarge   Remanufacture: Only genuine original manufacturers' parts
are used and technically updated components are integrated during rebuild.

After a full remanufacturing program the sets are fully rebuilt and ready to be mounted onto prepared foundations or packed in component form ready to be assembled on site.



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The Rock Of Gibraltar: Powered by 32MW of Ormrod Diesels generators.

Ormrod can offer generators in unit sizes from 1MW to 9MW and can arrange to supply the ideal single unit or multiples to enable a variance in load patterns. We offer a full turnkey installation to customers (or partial work as required).

As all our sets are remanufactured, the obvious advantage is that they can be purchased for a fraction of the price of new and carry a life expectancy of 20 years, which is accompanied by a one year guarantee supported by a major UK insurance company.

Multiple worldwide installations now allow Ormrod Diesels to benefit from an excellent reputation in the supply of remanufactured generating sets and power stations to public utilities, numerous industries and the maritime trade.

click to enlarge   Transport & Installation: The most practical and economical methods are chosen for transportation and installation based on site accessability and equipment available locally.


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