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The magnificent Rock of Gibraltar is powered by Ormrod generators supplying a 32mw turnkey installation under a 22 year B.O.O project to the Government of Gibraltar (1990-2012). Ministers are delighted with the supply.

This project has proved so successful that the Government have required a seventh Ormrod generator to be installed in 2004.

Our B.O.O. (Build, Own & operate) schemes are particularly attractive to customers requiring not only electricity but ongoing professional management and maintenance of power stations. The agreed initial design of the anticipated station layout shows all the practical requirements that need to be incorporated to enable economic long term running and maintenance.

Following acceptance of designs we can undertake all the work required including excavations (and piling if required), foundation block constructions, engine/alternator alignments, auxiliary inter-connections, electrical controls and configurations, through to the final commissioning and overall fine tuning of the machine. All the machines supplied are medium/slow speed, heavy duty base load with long term proven credentials and with a life expectancy of 20 years or more. They are still current production models which assures a spare parts availability for the duration of the machine life term. It is not unusual to expect 100,000 hours of almost continuous operation subject to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules. There are many examples of machines around the world still giving such excellent ongoing service.





The picture (left) depicts the Maho Beach Complex St Maarten relying upon 4 Mirrlees Blackstone 1000KW/720rpm generators ensuring that holidaymakers can take advantage of the 24 hour facilities provided by this fine resort.

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Approached by accredited company TPS (UK) Ltd to carry out the supply and development of a 9.3MW generator to run on multiple fuels. With the expertise of our technical team, it was simply a matter of planning, designing and implementing a system that has proved, yet again for Ormrod to be a successful project. This success has now lead Ormrod to be the most knowledgeable company in the supply of generators to run on multiple fuels, also offering an after sales service on spare parts for these generators second to none.

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