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The Ormrod Diesels' remanufacture process of specific types of diesel engines and alternators has been perfected over 35 years and is quite unique in the industry.

The process involves the total strip of an engine. All component parts are then inspected and sent to the respective original manufacturer for verification of no wear or of suitability for reconditioning. They are then returned with any recommended servicing having been undertaken.

During the course of remanufacture the required components are integrated within the engine the enable the client's choice of fuel to be accommodated, such as light, medium or heavy diesel, natural or landfill gas, and many other new fuels which are collectively termed Bio-fuels. There are also possible variations to run the engines on some of the above as 2 fuels together.

click to enlarge   Major engine component in strip-down condition prior to rebuild.


click to enlarge   Progressive and ongoing attention to precise and minute detail is given on even the heaviest engine components, ie baseplate and crankshaft.

The rebuild is witnessed at all stages by an independent chartered engineering inspector who is usually acting for a major British Insurance Company which will underwrite a full factory equivalent warranty. Client and/or classification society inspections are also welcomed.

When completed the generating set is equal to a zero hour's machine and is guaranteed to have the life expectancy of a new production machine.

Ormrod remanufactured machines cost only a fraction of a new equivalent engine, and operate at less stressful speeds with lower pressures and temperatures. In consequence they have definitely proven to be more reliable and durable particularly in hostile environments or in situations where very high technological apparatus is unwise.


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