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Ormrod can offer a full foundation build service with many years experience throughout the world. The offer we put forward can include ground tests of the sub-strata to ensure that the ground is both stable and suitable prior to the commencement of work. If there are reasons why angled or vertical piling is necessary, Ormrod will carry out this work after the excavation work has been undertaken. Piling will be to recommended standards and will assure the perpetual stability of the block which will be ‘keyed’ into the piles during the block build.

The foundation block will consist of a specially designed steel re-inforced cage system and concrete moulding formwork which includes provision for the physical shape and the torsional demeanours of the generator if subjected to full load shocks.

click to enlarge   Form work removal from foundations for 2.5MW generator.


click to enlarge   Ormrod Diesels ensure that correct and critical measurements are provided on large heave diesel generator foundations.

The moulding work will include correct shapes and pockets to accept the fine tolerances of the spacer shims and special grouts which are put in place after the generator is finally aligned and set down permanently.

The preparation, steel fixings, mould shaping (and pile keying if required) needs to be exact. Due to a technique of using a non-stop pour of high Newton strength wet concrete for the whole block, no seams of joints are allowed.

We believe we are the only heavy diesel generator company to offer this service using our own personnel.

In some cases a heavy steel fabricated underbase can be offered for some of the smaller Ormrod generators.


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